Yodelling courses

"Hollareiduljö" for all

Have you ever yodelled before? No? – Then you should take the opportunity and do a course with yodelling coach Thomas Reitsamer at the Naturdorf. The yodelling course takes place once a week for our Naturdorf guests.

Learn the Juchitzer, alpine cry and yodels. And to top it all off, you receive the coveted JODEL DIPLOMA at the end!


Yodelling course at the Naturdorf

Yodelling course duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

Course contents:

  • Yodelling history
  • Breathing technique, facial expressions and gestures
  • Yodel technique, yodel types and yodel exercises.
  • Alpine cry & Juchitzer
  • Joint yodelling with the yodel alphabet
  • 2-Part yodelers with musical accompaniment
Winner of the Best Almdorf Award 2020

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