The perfect way to start the day!

Breakfast is - as the saying goes - the most important meal of the day. So we want to ensure that you have the perfect start to every day on holiday here at the Naturdorf.

We offer options for “refining” your breakfast.

Bread or Breakfast Service: Upon order, we will bring you a breakfast basket with different baked goods, butter, jams, sausages and more to your door. The baked item come from the Schroll Bakery in the village, whose fine range can be seen further down this page.

Order List and Ordering at Reception!

Delivery in Summer: Monday-Saturday (Eur 1.00 delivery charge per delivery)

Delivery in Winter: Monday-Sunday (Eur 1.00 delivery charge per delivery)

Payment: Reception

Breakfast buffet in the cosy lounge next to Reception. Here, an extensive breakfast buffet with countless delights and regional delicacies is served for you. We would be delighted to take your reservation for this.


The Schroll Bakery's Offer


Our assortment includes a large selection of traditional wheat mixes, rye bread, sourdough bread and whole wheat bread, as well as sliced bread, white bread, baguettes and ciabatta.
All of our bread is baked in accordance with the latest findings of nutritional science.

Baked Goods

Our comprehensive baked selection provides variety and abundance. The offer is freshly baked each day and ranges from Kaiser rolls, Salzstangerl (pretzel sticks), Salzweckerl (salted rolls), Kornspitz rolls to rye rolls, spellt rolls and pretzels and much more. Our pastries can also be purchased as half-baked goods that you can finish baking at home.

Vital Products

With our vital baked goods a particularly desirable, positive effect on the human body can be achieved. For example, whole wheat bread includes fibre, minerals and vitamins and spelt also provides valuable nutrients.

Seasonal Products

Every season, the bakery attracts people with its seasonal products: What would be, for example, Carnival without doughnuts, Christmas without Lebkuchen and Christmas cookies, Ester without Easter bread or Autumn without its delicious fruitcakes.

Sweet Temptations

Cakes, pastries and much more - let yourself be tempted and enjoy the creations of the hotel, freshly prepared from the bakery.
 Our pastry chefs whip up delicious treats every day, which will sweeten the day: crispy croissants, fruity Kolachs, Gugelhupf cake, poppy seed and nut specialities, shortbread and much more.

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